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Twill Weave Carbon Fiber (100) - 134.1 (100 CM)

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Product Description

Twill Weave Carbon 100 CM

100 cm wide

This is the exact same pattern as our Twill Weave 50 cm version (Hydromonkeys is calling this one their “hard carbon” for reference!).  It’s an incredibly easy to use film and it’s also pretty awesome looking.  It has some clear-ish portions so that colors will show through!

Base color: ANY (Gunmetal or Galaxy Silver will work for more realistic look)

Hydrovator is our activator of choice.

Want a specific length of a pattern that is more than 20 meters?  No problem.

Just add multiple amounts of a length to your cart. For example, if you’d like 40 meters of a pattern, add 2 20 meter lengths to your cart.  You will receive 40 continuous meters of the pattern. 

For lengths more 50 meters and above, please contact us for special wholesale pricing. 

*Note that the 1M length carries a convenience fee to accommodate for the cost of rolling off just 1M of film.  This cost is already factored into the price.  Thank you for your understanding.*

Product Reviews

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  1. Very Realist Excellant Product

    Posted by Ikkin Hydrographics on May 8th 2020

    This is not your typical carbon fiber pattern. I found it very easy to work with, but just as Main Coast Customs review stated, be care leaving the film out for an extended period of time. Based on their review, we purchased 2 ( 5 meter rolls ) so as not to have 10 meters sitting out for a 27 piece motor cycle job. This worked fairly well but we did notice it is very humidity sensitive.

    Hydro-vador worked the best for this film with tank temp set at 29 and a soak time of 70 sec.

    Set your bars wide and do not back tape this film. Set it in the water and let it expand. after about 30 seconds you can bring the bars back in to keep the film from stretching during activation.

    Be careful during activation and watch the film as you make your passes. It doesn't take a lot to liquify this film. If you have a demanding customer who wants a very real carbon fiber pattern, this is it.

  2. Closest thing to REAL carbon fiber by far!

    Posted by Maine Coast Customs on Oct 3rd 2016

    Hands down the most realistic carbon fiber, but not for novice dippers. 3 things you need to know about this film.

    -First off this specific film is VERY sensitive to humidity in the air, DO NOT leave this film out of the plastic sleeves for longer than 5-10mins, I always put the film roll back in it's casing right after each cut and dip to preserve the roll. If this film looks pruned-like, feels soft and/or damp discard that portion of the film. When this film is tainted from humidity you will know as soon as you activate it, the carbon weaves will blow out and distort instantly rendering it useless. To remedy this unroll the film until you have fresh new paper-like film.

    I learned this the hard way. I left a 110ft roll out over night on the cutting table (before I had my dehumidifiers) and HALF the roll was ruined. I lost over 60ft of carbon and couldn't for the understand why the carbon was not activating properly.

    -Second thing, this carbon film tends to wrinkle very quickly when you first lay it in the water. Which is not an issue for small parts but larger 3/6ft parts can take a lot of skill. Be ready to tackle all the wrinkles before they can not be separated.

    -Lastly, the volume of activator (hydro-vator) will determine your success. Just like most hydro films, too much activator will cause adhesion problems and distortion, not enough activator will cause micro bubbles and wrinkles. But this films takes that to whole new level. You must use the same volume, spray fan and pressure every time or your results will vary vastly.

    This film is not for amateur however, once you have master this film the results are astonishing! Buy extra film and practice a lot.

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