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We currently have 3 available packages for your convenience.  With each one, you will receive one on one attention and an immense amount of information and knowledge.  You'll learn more than just how to do things.  You'll learn the HOW and the WHY too.  We do a complete Brain Purge on you.  Each package offers something a little different, but rest assured that you'll receive a training experience that you will remember.  And be glad that you did it!


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At Big Brain Graphics, we take hydrographics seriously. It’s what we do every day and every night.  We’ve gone through many sleepless nights in the 6 years we have been in business messing things up. Spent (wasted) a LOT of money redoing and redoing and learning and learning and then redoing some more. Our favorite saying in the training sessions is "Ask me how I know!” Because we’ve been there and done that.


Why get training? The question you should ask yourself is “why would I NOT get training?!” Training allows you to get taught by a professional who has done it and been there.   Training allows you to bypass the typical frustrations of not understanding what is going on and why your items just aren’t turning out right. It allows you to get a leg up on your competition to ensure that you are putting out better products and are getting more business! The main thing is, though—BYPASS FRUSTRATIONS AND COSTLY MISTAKES!


When you get trained by us, rest assured that you’re going to be trained by utmost professionals, although we do like to have a good time in the shop too, we leave nothing out of the training. You are

going to be completely and thoroughly submerged in hydrographics… from prep to paint to dipping. Whatever you need, you’re going to get the information on it!

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who just needs a boost on what to do with certain parts (say plastics for example) we dig into whatever you need and then probably a little bit more, and then beyond that. We have an agenda during the training, but we focus on YOU and what YOU need and want out of the training. We get to know your needs, and get to know YOU most of all.

 One thing that sets us apart is that we give you excellent follow-up support as well as bonus materials that you’ll see when you are at the shop! More than just Hydrographics, we care about your success and we want to see you succeed. This is an amazing industry and understanding that it’s more than just the dipping, we give you all you need and more to ensure success.  

 When you leave the shop, you’ll have more than training. You’ll have a lifeline to ask anything you wish about anything to do with Hydrographics. We definitely care about you!

We look forward to working with you, and training you to grow your business. Whether you want to dip full time or just part time for money for your kids’ college, we got you covered...


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