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Mossy Oak Hydrographics Film FAQ

Following you will find the FAQ’s about the Mossy Oak Brand Camo Hydrographics film. If you have any questions that are not outlined here, please call the shop at 318-746-1564.  Dinnetta (x: 102) or Sean (x: 103) will be able to help you with any technical issues, or general questions that you may have!  Kami at x: 101 can handle all of your ordering needs.

  • Do I need to have a license to purchase Mossy Oak Brand Camo hydrographics film?

No! Mossy Oak and Big Brain Graphics have formed an exclusive relationship that now allows smaller businesses to have the            opportunity to dip with Mossy Oak patterns with no license requirements!

  • Can I use any base coat that I choose under the patterns?

No. You are required to use the exact colors that Mossy Oak recommends to preserve the look of the brand overall. This will ensure the overall brand consistency and look that Mossy Oak takes pride in preserving. We will send a basecoat chip with each pattern purchased.

We currently have all recommended base colors, ready to spray, in Nanochem Brand paints.

We will also be stocking the same exact paints that Mossy Oak uses in their dip facility (which is a waterborne paint) by February 2017.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE IS MOSSY OAK COUNTRY ROOTS. Country roots is Mossy Oak’s winter pattern (which replaced Blaze) that typically has a white base to maintain its winter look and feel, but ANY color can be used under Country Roots (only).

  • Why do I not have to have a license to purchase Mossy Oak Brand camo Hydrographics Film?

In 2016, Mossy Oak approached Big Brain Graphics to see if it would be possible to form a partnership to open the opportunity up to smaller decorators. Of course the answer was yes!

  • Do I have to pay royalties on everything that I purchase?

Nope! All of that is taken care of for you!

  • Do I have to purchase a large amount of film?

The minimum purchase is 3 meters. We will be selling Mossy Oak Branded Camo’s in increments of 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters and 25 meters, with the maximum amount to purchase at one time of one pattern is 25 meters.

Please call for information on larger quantities of film.

  • I need some help dipping with these patterns. How do I get help?

Big Brain is dedicated to helping every one of our customers. Please feel free to call the shop at 318-746-1564 with any questions.   Dinnetta or Sean will be able to help you out with any question that you have! We have been a licensed Mossy Oak decorator since 2011, so we have used virtually every one of these patterns for years.

  • Is this the same quality film that the licensed decorators use?

YES! These are exactly the same films that the licensed decorators! These are not cheap knockoffs.

  • What are the parameters for this film? Soak time? Dip time? Activator? Etc.

We use Hydrovator currently as our activator. We will be stocking the same activator that Mossy Oak uses in their dipping facility in Murfeesboro, TN in February 2017.

Water temp: 90-93°F
Soak Time: 90 seconds
Dip Time (After activation): 20-25 seconds

These are the parameters that we have with our activator gun setup. Please make the necessary adjustments if you see issues. Call the shop at Big Brain if you have any problems or questions.

  • The pattern is cracking! How do I fix this?

Some of the patterns tend to crack a little bit. This does not mean that you have old film, and it is completely fixable. Very simply in fact.

We use Hydrovator as our activator (as a note). To bypass this cracking issue, we mix our Hydrovator with Xylene.

The mixture is 3 parts Hydrovator and 1 to 1.5 parts Xylene. No other adjustments are required in the process. This should fix your issue. The 2 that we see doing this on occasion are Shadowgrass Blades and Break Up Infinity. Others can also do it, but these are the 2 most common ones that we have experienced.

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