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Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo

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Product Description

Authorized seller of Mossy Oak Camo! 

Don't be fooled by eBay sellers selling knock off Mossy Oak camo's.  Big Brain graphics is the only authorized seller of Mossy Oak Brand Camo Hydrographics film. 

Mossy oak is a worldwide brand of camo, and before now was only available to licensed decorators.  Forming a partnership with Mossy Oak, Big Brain Graphics has been afforded the honor of being able to sell the exact hydrographics film that the big guys use, in small quantities!  What does this mean?  It means that no matter what the size of your business, you will be able to offer Mossy Oak to your customers! 


Mossy Oak Obsession Requires: MOSSY TREE TAN Base

This is an exciting development in the hydrographics world!  We will have all of the patterns that Mossy Oak offers in hydrographics film, as well as the same paint that their dipping facility in Murfeesboro, TN. 

Any decorator is able to use Mossy Oak patterns, however it is a requirement that you use the required color recommended for the pattern.  We will send a color chip with every pattern.  We Currently offer all NanoChem Match Base Colors in READY TO SPRAY and NOT READY TO SPRAY Formulas.

The required color will also be outlined in each listing.  THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO USE THE PROPER BASE COLOR.  This is to protect the integrity of the Mossy Oak brand.

Any other Mossy Oak patterns that you find on eBay that is not sold by Big Brain Graphics is not authorized.  The quality is poor and it is a fake.  It does NOT work the same! 


Product Reviews

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  1. Great film

    Posted by Darrin on Dec 26th 2017

    Dipped a ceramic piggy bank with this film. Used Hydro Vator with one pass. Film glassed out quickly. Holding the bank by the holes in each leg I was able to get a reply nice dip with minimal stretch.

  2. Mossy Freaking Oak!

    Posted by David Wilkins on Mar 9th 2017

    Overall its a nice film. The pattern is obviously sweet. It needs to soak abit longer to fully hydrate and is a bit picky on activation. It likes a leaner mix and I found holding the gun abit higher than normal and "dusting" the film and let it sit a good 30 seconds before dip eliminated cracking. Plan on a couple of speed shapes to work out what this film wants. Once you got it down its very solid, covers very well and is a surprisingly easy pattern to touch up with an airbrush with black as there is a lot of shadowy black in the film and a light dusting blends the browns very well...overall Im very pleased

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