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Hydrographics Hand Cleaner

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Product Description

The absolute best hand cleaner on the market, hands down!  Not only does this cleaner do wondering to get film off your hands, it works wonders on paint, chemicals and more!  Whatever your hands get into, our hand cleaner can get it off.  LASTS A LONG TIME too!  A little goes a long way! And the best part… Dip, paint, dirt and grime disappear like Houdini at a magic show.

No more scrubbing with scotch brite.
No more using thinner.
No more using acetone.
No more just saying “the heck with it” and having dip and paint in your nail beds and all over your hands!

This hand cleaner is really awesome at not only getting the gunk off, but it also keeps your hands soft and does not dry them out.  Now you can get all of that gunk out of your nail beds.  Trust us… your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend will THANK YOU!

No more going to dinner with dip up your arm.  No more headed out for a night on the town with dip on your hands.  Going to a family gathering?  They will no longer whisper behind your back about how your hands look!


Currently comes in 2, 4, 8, and 16 oz sizes!



Wet your hands.  Put a small amount in your palm (about the size of a quarter depending on how dirty you are).  Rub the Hand Cleaner where you need it and rub a little bit more until you see the dip disappear.  Repeat if necessary.

To get the gunk from underneath your nails, put a little bit of the hand cleaner on a nail brush and scrub under your nails.  Disappears like spit in the rain…

Product Reviews

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  1. Incredible!!

    Posted by Greg Bradshaw - Texas Hydrographics on May 9th 2018

    This is an amazing hand cleaner. A small amount cleans paint and ink off your hands and arms with no effort. I have found that if you wash your hands with this product after your first dip, the ink will wash off with water after future dips for quite a while. It does not dry out your hands.

  2. Awesome stuff

    Posted by Ink Hydrographics on Jan 17th 2017

    This stuff works amazing!!!

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