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Film Swatch Book with Extras (400+ patterns!)

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Each book is completely assembled for you in alphabetical order and tabbed accordingly.  A lot of time and thought has been put into each and every aspect of this great tool for your business!

Ever have those customers that have absolutely no idea what they want on their item? You’ve probably sat there with them for a long time either on the computer or showing them your phone, with no real way to give them a true visual of what it’s going to look like with different base colors? What about a customer who asks you if you can change a color in the pattern, but wait – it’s a constant color you can’t change? How hard is THAT to explain?!

Or worse yet – what size the film is and if it’s even going to work for their items? There’s nothing worse than ordering film and it is too large or too small for what your customer needs, or it’s not exactly the color ink that you’re seeking once it comes in. What a waste of time AND money!

Well, we have a solution to all of those issues…

Introducing our super new and incredibly awesome Big Brain Graphics Film Book! Give your customers the best visual advertising tool available! These books allow the customer to choose a pattern, base color or candy without you having to explain the process to them step by step. Give them an immediate visual to color, shape, size and transparency. This is the perfect tool to free your time up to get more things done!

Each book has been hand created with custom cut swatches of every single film that we have in our inventory. The utmost care has been taken and the highest quality materials have been used to ensure that your investment pays for itself.

And yes, this IS an investment that will pay for itself. We know that our time freed up by not having to explain the process and the films is worth a LOT!

With your order you will receive:

  • ALL 340+ film swatches currently available for purchase here at Big Brain Graphics. Each swatch is individually sleeved in clear 8 ½ x 11 sheet protectors and labeled with the correct name, recommended base coat and order number.
  • (2) binders to store these film swatches securely without damaging the binders or the film.
  • 44 Different colors on cardstock for the perfect basecoat simulation.
  • 7 Different transparent colors (individually sleeved) for candy simulation.
  • Numbered dividers with an index for each category; Carbons, Camos, Animal Prints, Skulls & Flames, Misc. Patterns, Marble & Stone, Woodgrains, Big Brain Graphics, HydroMonkeys and Misc. UK Film.
  • Alphabetized within each category to find the patterns easily (and put them back where they belong just as quickly!)

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  1. A MUST for any Hydro Business

    Posted by David Wilkins on Oct 10th 2016

    So you have a customer that wants skulls. You can show him a photo on a website OR you can pull out these books, flip thru all the skulls (or any other pattern Big Brain carries) and pick out the one he wants. THEN you say: " Lets see what it looks like with different base coats" and pull out the colored card stock and change the whole look. Then when you have him sniffing at something other than the same black and white skull he has seen on every one elses dips you say "Check this out with a candy tint on top instead" and plop the tinted sheets over the pattern. You just took a basic dip and made it a "custom dip" that you can charge extra for and all because you could custom taylor the pattern he was looking for when the guy down the street can only show him a picture with a white base. You also get to show him the actual size of the pattern so you can see if it will actually work on the item he wants to dip. Its right up there with a good spray gun as a "got to have" for any serious Hydrographics business. Did I mention that these books weigh a TON??!!! They are FULL of patterns I did not even know existed and used properly its THE tool for upselling your work!!!

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