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Custom Film Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Big Brain Graphics new Custom Printed film! You will notice that it’s a little different than other custom film on the market. There is no peelable paper backing. You just simply put the whole thing on the water (printed side up). And let the magic happen.

You will notice that as the film soaks on the water, there will be material sinking to the bottom of your tank. Do not be alarmed! This is the backing dissolving off of the film. It will not hurt anything!


We used a less aggressive activator (Mossy Sauce) to get the best results. You can also use Hydrovator mixed with Xylene at a ratio of 3:1.5 (do not simplify this fraction. Mix 3:1.5), or another “not so aggressive” activator.

  •  Water temp 90-100. (if you notice underactivation, bump your temp up from where you have it– not past 100)
  •  We use a 1.4 tip gun set between 14-15 psi. (Other tip sizes will work of course).
  •  We had the fluid needle set to 1 turn OUT. (If you are using straight hydrovator, this will be .5 turn out). Please note that guns do differ and these are just starting points.
  •  Soak time (Dwell Time) is 60 seconds.
  •  Go over the film twice at a medium/fast rate of speed.   (Will send/post video).
  •  You want to dip at about 5 seconds after activation.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT like a gravure (traditional) printed film (mass production). So you will have to change a little bit of the things that you normally do. But not much, you’ll notice!


Please contact us if you have any questions. If you follow the directions exactly you will have success!


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