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Big Brain Points Rewards Program - Checking Your Balance, Redeeming Rewards and More

We have a killer rewards program that is a huge benefit to you guys and gals!  Running a business is hard.  When you're running it on your own or with a small crew, it can be even harder to get everything done in just one short day.  We understand that you just want to see a little light at the end of that work tunnel of something delicious and rewarding... Yes.  Exactly.  Brain Points is exactly what we were thinking too. 

What are Brain Points?

They are our way of giving back to you guys and girls that work hard all day and then go home and work some more.  For those who sacrifice for the greater good of quality.  For those that solely run your business and are growing.  Just a way to say thank you to everyone who helps fuel this industry along!  Earn points with every purchase (and other ways to earn too!) and spend them at your leisure!   So basically, Brain Points is our Loyalty Program.  Because we love you.  And we mean that.  We don't say that to just anyone you know.  You're the best.  heart2.gif


Now that you have your account, and you are earning rewards left and right - but, you may not know how to check how many you've accumulated and you sure as heck don't see where you can cash those Brain Points (missed opportunity to call them Brain Bucks?  Hmmm...).  It's actually INCREDIBLY EASY!  

We'll walk you through it, and you'll think "How did I miss that??!!"  It's actually on this page right now.  Scan those eyeballs to the bottom right corner.  There it is.  Just hangin' out.  Going largely unnoticed.  Creeps up on you.


Sign into your account.  You can use the link at the top of the page to the left.  It's just in text.  



Locate the button on the page (any page, not just the home page!)  See it?  Bottom right corner of the screen.  Yep!  That's it! 
But, see Figure 1 here to make sure you got it.





Click it where it says "REWARDS" and it will expand with your information in a quick and easy to view List.  Way easier than you thought.




Navigate around the list to view how you can earn more Brain Points (not just by buying necessities and fun things!), see what all of the rewards are to see  if you want to save up for a larger order or if you want to go ahead and cash in for that Mossy Sauce, Insanity Reduced (Black), Galaxy Silver Paint and a Tshirt right now... go for it!  They're your points!  Live Free!

TO REDEEM YOUR POINTS - Simply Click on the Second Line where it shows you if you have a reward, or if you're earning towards one.  If you have one available, you can cash out!  A code will be displayed after you redeem.


Now you know!! 



(Sorry, but equipment is not able to use coupons on.  You can earn points on the equipment but cannot use points for discounts.  Thank you for understanding)

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