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About Us

What's Your Story?  Glad you asked!

We’ve been doing hydrographics for quite a while now and we’ve tested and tried and dipped so much it’s hard to even imagine all of the things we have done.  We came to realize that our knowledge can be shared to make others better at what they do as well.  Our philosophy is that there is enough work out there for everyone, so we’re going to put ourselves out there and share what we know.  Because who knows – maybe it can help someone else that needs just a little push to get motivated to make some money in this business.

We’ve built a few sites and had many successes and some failures but in the long run it’s the lessons that we’ve learned that count.  We bought the business thinking that we were going to get the best training (even had it in a contract that the seller would stay on for 6 months – he bailed after a few weeks).  So we took it upon ourselves to learn every possible way to do everything.  We made a lot of mistakes, but without mistakes you will never have successes.  Do we know everything?  No.  But we plan on sharing what we do know with the world and increasing our knowledge continually along the way.

We both quit our cushy jobs to take a stab at it - we HAD to make it work... and we dipped full time for a long time.  Although we always knew that we wanted to go into the supply side of the business because the opportunity to truly help did not come along when you're viewed as the competition.  The progression was a natural one and we haven't looked back!

You’re also going to find that we have some awesomesauce films that are relevant in many industries.  We have some simple patterns that are designed and developed by us as well as some rockin’ ones that are just absolutely amazing, not to mention the simplest to work with.  We take the guesswork out of the film, and to make it better?  We’re going to be adding videos of every film we dip with to show you how we do it so that you don’t have to guess and learn by trial and error like we did.  (Video section coming at some point soon!)

We have been growing lately (who are we kidding - we're ALWAYS growing)!  We have added paints, clear coats, activator, and are continually expanding our offerings! NOW we also have flakes, pearls, color shifts and more.  Oh yeah, and did we mention that we're Authorized Iwata dealers?! 

It's just incredible the "one stop shop" that we've become - all to service our clients!

Please know that the majority of everything that we sell, we also use.  We have tested everything extensively and absolutely CARE about the end user and want you to be able to afford what you're buying without skimping on quality. Oftentimes we test products for a year or MORE before releasing it.  We believe in everything that we sell, and we won't deceive you with crazy ploys or by stretching the truth.  We are honest because that's what we believe in!  You have to feel good about the companies that you do business with!

Do you have a suggestion for a pattern you’d like to see in our store?  Click to send us email.

So, there you have it.  A little bit about us.  Oh yeah – by the way… who ARE WE really?  Are we people or robots?  People of course!  Check us out below!  (WARNING:  We’re a pretty handsome bunch.  Well, maybe not all.  You decide who is in which category).

PS – Yes, we take our work seriously, but we also seriously like to have fun.  The environment is infectious!


What does this gal do around here?  Marketing, Sales, and Help Desk mostly...   But she can do everything in this business that is necessary! Preps! Barks orders at everyone in the Dip Lab and in the shop in general. You know – anything necessary!  Early to rise and late to go to bed, she enjoys helping everyone she can both internally and outside the Headquarters' walls.  Answering questions and helping others get where they need to be is a passion she shares with Sean for sure.  She's also a stickler for processes - it's rare that you find a task in the shop and office that doesn't have a process written down!  It's the details that matter!  She definitely has a passion for her business!



The brains behind the dipping operation – he’s the brain behind the Big Brain. True statement!  When he's not helping the employees out finishing their jobs or answering questions, he's thinking of ways to do things better in the shop.  He's the dipper extraordinaire and also the man that does the training!  Always thinking of how he can help someone do better, he's one heck of a big hearted guy!  He's seriously one of the hardest working men! During hunting season, it's common to see him duck out to try to bring down some wild game!  An INCREDIBLE family man also, he does all he can for his family, which we admire a ton. We don't know how he does it all!


Oh Sabrina. You came into our lives by accident and oh how you've added even more life to the shop. Her drawings on random boxes (when she's not completely covered up in boxes that is!) and her ideas are second to none. She works tremendously hard to ensure that your boxes are to you in a timely manner and are what you ordered! She's also the one that assists in filling up paints, chemicals, aerosols and whatnot! She's a measuring queen! (FUN FACT!). Another fun fact is that her nickname is Derby.  Why?  Because she competes in Roller Derby!  Yeah, we thought it was pretty cool too!

Kami. What can we say about Kami, other than she's just absolutely incredible! She enjoys what she does and when we tell you that she takes Big Brain's customers to heart, she really does! She cares and she's grown a LOT since she first took over this position. Plus, she's grown to love spreadsheets and details... A must in this office... Not to mention she likes to laugh and cut up just like the rest of us.  Nice!  She's pint size, but really packs a punch! She's also married to Chris, but we won't hold that against her.



Robert is quite the character, so he fits right in here at the Brain Headquarters! Although he's just part time, Robert kicks butt and takes names! Always gets his work done and does it to perfection! He's the AM roll off and he knows his job is one of the most important ones - so you get YOUR stuff on time and correct! We love us some Robert!

Karisca comes in with some funky hairdos, but that's part of her awesome charm! She's toiling away in the afternoons ensuring that your orders are roll off accurately and efficiently while also keeping inventory, rolling down large rolls, cutting samples and so much more. How does she do it?!

Chris gets it done - and he does everything that we need him to do.... What an awesome quality to have in an employee.  He also preps, he helps in the paint booth and he has a sense of humor to boot.  Great addition to the shop for sure! He's also married to Kami. Lucky dog!

Cash is probably the most famous of all the people in the shop. People come by just to see him. They bring their fiancee's and families by, they come in and ask for him by name, and he even gets shipments now in his name. He's a dog, but we can all assure you that he thinks he's human. Hands down. If he's not gnawing on a bone, he's napping somewhere or trying to dig in someone's trash. Oh and we can't forget his most favorite past time - begging for food at lunch! This guy sure is a character and we love him! He's also Human Resources, so if there is a quibble at the shop, or someone has an issue, they take it to Cash.  The Brain Dawg! 

Wondering what kind of dog Cash is?  He's a Silver Labrador! His birthday is December 10th, and he LOVES bones.  

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