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We do require a 20% deposit to secure your dates!  We prefer a check or money order, however if you'd like to pay this deposit with a credit card, please purchase this item! 

Gold Package

$1500 (total cost)
(Total Price includes 1 person.  Each additional person is just $300.  If you'd like to add a person, please choose the 2 or 3 people option and pay the deposit depending on how many people will be in the class.)

2 Day training at our facility (This is recommended for those that have a knowledge of the process and have a grasp on what everything entails.  A beginner will not get everything they need out of this class.  It is highly recommended to take a 3 day course for a beginner, or a 2 day course for someone that has a basic understanding of the overall process).

Remember that each class is tailored to what YOU need.  This is just a general guideline of what the class entails.


2 Full days of training at our facility. (This is the lowest recommended package for beginners. Also recommended for professionals that need a boost in their skills, or just want to add to them! Very intense training!) *For all advanced classes we get a lot of information from you to see what you’re needing help in. Very informative!!


Let's get to the good stuff...  What's included here? (Please Note - This is not the full listing!)

  •  Material listing of everything that you will need to get started (or continue operations more efficiently)
  •  Where we get the cheapest (and good quality) things like Tape, Gloves, Humidifers, AND MORE!  Things we use here in our shop every day!
  •  Training on prep on many different materials such as plastics, metals, glass (if requested), skulls,  vehicle parts, rims, etc.
  •  Training on real world items—not just PVC or speed shapes
  •  Activator and film listing (save yourself time and trouble learning each film. We include ALL films we have worked with—NOT just ours! Updated often as we test new films... ONLY TRAINEES RECEIVE THIS!)


                                                             WHEN THE LIST IS UPDATED, YOU GET A COPY!


  •  Big Brain Training Book (NEW for 2016!).  This book is updated as we add more topics, and you will receive these updates as they happen! 
  •  FREE Sample of our Hydrographics Hand Cleaner.  You'll be back for more - we guarantee it!
  •  Painting and Clearing
  •  Prepping different substrates like plastics, metals, and so forth (We'll talk beforehand to ensure that we have just what you need here in house)
  •  Mixing different types of paints and clears
  •  Using different products such as Epoxy Primer, Metallic Paints, etc and how to fix issues if they arise.
  •  Painting different sizes and shapes of items (hard hats, versus ATV's, versus gun stock, versus vehicle pieces, versus metal cups, etc)
  •  Dipping (of course).  You're going to dip REAL items!  And you'll learn WHY things are happening so you can troubleshoot at home too.  You'll learn everything from laying the film on the water to angles, to... too much to  list! 
  •  Film storage - get the most out of your film
  •  TOUCH UP (save your sanity).  Like it never happened!
  •  Photography tips to make your stuff look amazing and draw attention
  •  SEO tips to get YOUR items on page 1 of google!
  •  Customer service tips and scripts – have your customers coming back for more and just about begging you to do their stuff (even from out of state!) Gain new business with referrals. Very important!
  •  Want to know how to do production work or how to get into a niche and do more? We can help you!
  •  Access to “trainee only videos & FAQ’s” (coming soon!)
  •  All your "How did you do it?" and Business questions answered
  •  15 meters of free film from our inventory (limited to BBG, our generics, and Hydromonkeys designs only. Up to 5 different films)
  •  $125 Chemical Allowance (choose from any of our chemicals)!
  •  Training Certificate (of course!)
  •  An Awesome Experience for sure (we love people!)
  •  AMAZING Customer support from all levels.  Whether you're having trouble or just have questions, we are here for you!  Our trainees take priority over all else!  WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!
  •  WE FEED YOU!!  Not fast food either.  Like REALLY good food!


You get more, but remember, this is just a small guideline on what you will receive as far as physical items.  And, there may be more when you leave!  But, for information sake, we truncated it down a bit!  The value is unbeatable.  You will leave here refreshed and with a better understanding of what you're doing.  It's more than a training class... It's an experience!

PLEASE BRING YOUR PAINT, ACTIVATOR, AND CLEAR GUNS IF YOU HAVE THEM SO THAT WE CAN SET THEM UP FOR YOU HERE!  If you do not have them, that is completely fine.  You will receive a guide on how to set them up in your training book.  Remember, we're also Anest-Iwata Spray gun dealers! (Anest-Iwata is the Spray Gun Division!)

We encourage you to bring something to dip.  But please understand that this is just a 2 day course.  Make sure it is something that is doable in an information packed full 2 days!  We'd love for you to take something home with you to show off your work at training!

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